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Dental furniture customization

We design your needs.
Each customer is unique and has his requirements. Every workspace is different, that's why we create it together, customized to your needs. The modularity of our series can be conformed to every working area.

With the IRIDE INTERNATIONAL furniture you compose a space with functionality, hygiene and organization at the highest level.
1. Discuss your requirements with us
Discuss your requirements with the IRIDE INTERNATIONAL designers. We will help you finding and evaluating a customized solution for your working method.

2. Show us your space
Show us your available spaces and you will be flanked by the IRIDE INTERNATIONAL staff, who will define with you a specific project for your working area.
3. We will design a customized solution for you
Every Professional has his requirements. IRIDE INTERNATIONAL will help you developing your project, defining materials, colours and components.

4. Check the final result
IRIDE checks with you the final project, realizing photorealistic rendering of it.


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You find us here!

Via San Giuseppe 5, 33082 Azzano Decimo (PN) - ITALY
Telefono: +39 0434 633 242
Fax: +39 0434 632 546
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