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The Iride International story

Iride International has been designing and manufacturing furniture and accessories for dental clinics and laboratories since 1986.

It all started in the 70s, when Mr. Enzo Tonin began to work in the dental industry and thanks to his cleverness and creativity founded “IRIDE”.

IRIDE develops innovative ideas for dental clinics and laboratories. We have always been designing different series in order to improve your working method and guarantee high quality products.

IRIDE products are constantly improved, we integrate new technologies and technical details which promise long duration, high hygiene and easy cleaning. The Line series was designed in the ‘90s and contains all these values and concepts which distinguish our family.
IRIDE develops the Quadra series with a basic and clean design. Each detail is meant to guarantee functionality, ease cleaning and to avoid the sediment of bacteria. Quadra is also a versatile series, and it can be customised by the customer's needs.

After the sudden death of Mr.Tonin in 2006, his heirs and all the IRIDE staff, thanks to the strong tradition and inspired by the work of his creator, continue to grow according to the important values which Enzo had taught.
Iride designed EX-L, an innovative series which combines style and practicality. The fronts' shape allows you to open the drawers without the supplement of the handles or any electro-mechanical systems.

Fly is the latest development in LED lights for dental work benches. It is entirely made in aluminium, an innovative design and attention paid to each detail. Fly can be customised in order to satisfy every need; it offers many solutions concerning the light and motion regulation. Fly is a role model for the dental industry.

IRIDE keeps on growing, developing avantgarde solutions. We have a strong bond with our territory in order to guarantee a product realized by the Italian manpower. We offer to our customers a 100% made in Italy product.


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You find us here!

Via San Giuseppe 5, 33082 Azzano Decimo (PN) - ITALY
Telefono: +39 0434 633 242
Fax: +39 0434 632 546
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